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For the past 30-years, a Norwalk woman has opened her farm to disabled children to give them a taste of country life, but that may soon come to an end, because of a drunk driver.

Lynn Robbins face lights up when she talks about the Shangrila Horse and Animal Rescue farm in Norwalk.  She has worked to care for her horses, so disabled children can come and ride them. She has never charged admission and never asked for help.  Until now.

Back in September, she was rear-ended by a drunk driver, hurting her neck.  The driver did not have insurance, and because Robbins can’t work until her neck is better, she is running out of money to feed her horses.  She’s worried about them, and the children who love them. “If we can’t keep the ponies… when spring comes there won’t be any ponies for them there,” Robbins says, choking back tears.

Robbins says right now she needs hay and oats…she expects to run out of food for the horses in the next week.  To help Robbins, an online donation site is available here.