DES MOINES, Iowa — With Christmas only two days away, most people are already done working ahead of the holiday. That’s not the case for the staff at Hope Ministries in Des Moines. They’re preparing for the organization’s annual Christmas lunch on Sunday.

Hope Ministries Director of Development and Community Relations Kathy Coady said the chef is preparing 3,000 ham meals in anticipation of serving about 2,500 people.

She said Lunch begins at 1 p.m. at Hope Ministries Bethel Mission located at 1310 Sixth Ave. in Des Moines. It’s open to anyone in the community. Volunteers will also be delivering 2,300 meals to people who already signed up for a meal at home.

Coady added she’s grateful to all the volunteers who are making this year’s Christmas lunch possible.

“We’re so grateful that people chose to spend part of their holiday with us, volunteering, doing really whatever we ask of them so that they can bless other people,” she said. “And it really just, for me, restores my confidence in the goodness of people. You see that goodness all around you when people just show up and they say ‘It doesn’t matter anything else that I might have had planned to do today, I want to be here to bless other people who are hurting.'”

Coady said Hope Ministries doesn’t need volunteers for Sunday’s Christmas lunch but it could always use extra help. People interested in volunteering can learn more on Hope Ministries’ website.