FAMILY TROUBLES: Home Lost Over $15K Tax Bill

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A Des Moines family with a sick daughter is about to lose their home because they owe a few thousand dollars in back taxes.

Kelly Stoutenberg is scared.  His 12-year old daughter, Destiny, suffers from painful juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, affecting her back, wrists and other joints.

The fully paid $113,000 home on their quiet south side street was given to the Stoutenberg’s by a family member to help them deal with the $1500 monthly bills they have to pay for Destiny’s medicine.

They moved in in May but the home came with about $15,000 dollars in back taxes and fees.

Money the Stoutenberg’s weren’t able to pay.

The debt was bought By Adair Management of Omaha and a lien was placed on the house.

Now, the investment firm is starting the process of kicking the family out.

A three day eviction notice was left on their door.

“It crushed me,” Stoutenberg says.  “This is our home.  This is the one place that everything is supposed to be OK.”

Polk County Treasurer Mary Maloney is sympathetic but says it’s out of her hands now.

“We didn’t know anything about any of the circumstances with this case,” Maloney says. “If we would have known we could have referred them to  different agencies that may have been able to help.”

The family is asking for more time to pay the debt. The company that paid the taxes and put a lien on the home is not commenting, citing pending litigation.

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