Home Flooded For The First Time Ever in Davenport Flood of 2019

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DAVENPORT, Iowa —  Floodwaters rolled through a portion of downtown Davenport on Tuesday afternoon.  Many businesses and downtown dwellers were impacted by the water, but not many houses.

Wanda Serrano has lived here her whole life, and for the first time ever it wasn’t spared.

“The only issue I’ve had it’s come up behind that gas station up there one year and that was as far as it got,” said Serrano. “The furnace is gone, the water heater is gone, we’re just trying to keep the water pumping it out so it don’t get to the electric box .”

Volunteers were helping her sandbag the front of the home to keep water out of the first floor.

“We didn’t have a big enough, what do you call them- compression things, -pump so I had to go buy one,” said Serrano. “So I went and got one and they hooked it up.”

Pumps are also running at businesses up and down Second Avenue. This home has a total of five people staying here. Some are thinking about looking for another place to live, soon.

“I’m not sure what I’m gonna do I’m gonna have to find another place to live,” said Doug Neitzel. “City’s probably going to close the house down I’m sure.”

This comes as the crest of the Mississippi River is approaching,

“This is an ongoing thing, comes up all the time but never nothing like this,” said Serrano.


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