Historic Marshalltown home under renovation for next generation


MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA — A historic Marshalltown home is getting new life from a new generation of owners. The large home at 607 West Main Street therewas built in 1901. Nick and Bethany Sy who renovate homes, and run a Vlog Channel Reality Day Dream, had a chance to share this house on their social media channels.

“It wasn’t until earlier this year that I was reaching out to the current owner to see you what they were doing for restoration,” said Nick Sy. “I wanted to share contacts and share information about restoration and they said that they were ready to move on so opportunity came up for us to kind of take over this project.”

Now plans are to move the house to a lot near downtown. Once the home is moved, they can begin an extensive renovation. There was damage due to the derecho and a tornado in 2018. Some of the home’s rafters were damaged in the attic. The repair antique curved windows in the house could cost an estimated $100,000.

“A new roof needs to be put on it new siding basically we’re going to do entire restoration on the house or preservation,” said Nick. “We’re going to bring it back to its original gloryto what architect wanted this to be when it was built.”

 “We’ve been calling it the Queen of Hearts Mansion, the heart windows defining architectural element of the house, said Bethany.

To learn more about this effort check the couple’s Reality Daydream blog site.

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