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IOWA  —  Feeling in the mood to “whip” or “nae nae?” It may be because Silentó, the artist behind the viral song and dance, was in town.

Besides being a recording artist, Silentó is part of Kids Lives Matter, a group aimed at getting kids more involved in their communities. He visited Valley High School, Indian Hills Junior High, and Western Hills Elementary to congratulate students for improving school attendance. He said he wants students to know they don’t have to be negative to be successful, and that he enjoys visiting schools around the country.

“It was fun. I came straight from the radio station, straight to the school, this is what I love doing. When I come to cities I’ve never been to, I wanna go to schools, see my fans, interact with them just to show them my face, because I just graduated from high school recently, so now they get to see me,” he said.

Silentó has more than one billion followers and subscribers on social media. His debut single “Watch Me” reached number three on the Billboard Music charts.