Highway 141 Flyover at the Urban Loop Opens


URBANDALE, Iowa — After two years of construction, the flyover connecting Interstate 80-35 to Highway 141 is complete and open as of Friday morning.

This flyover is the first for the Des Moines metro and will help with traffic that would often back up during rush hour at the old exit loop.

“It was a little bit tight so people had to slow down and it just wasn’t designed for today’s traffic volume. Oftentimes traffic would back up through there and it wasn’t safe. This will be a much safer way to get to Highway 141, just go up and over the interstate,” Benjamin Hucker with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) said.

There are also new southbound entrance and northbound exit ramps to Meredith Drive along Interstate 80-35. Those will make it easier for traffic to get to the businesses in the area.

This project in total is $65 million. It’s still not 100 percent complete. The exit ramps to NW Urbandale Drive will still be closed until Mid-November as DOT crews finish up work there.


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