High Trestle Trail Vandalized


If you have seen someone with barn red paint on their bike and shoes, Boone County Conservation wants to hear from you.

Early Wednesday morning someone rode their bike on the High Trestle Trail west of Slater with a bucket of red paint, spilling some over about 3/4 of a mile of the trail. When they reached the Big Creek Bridge, they painted some words on the bridge, which you can see clearly with the help of Drone13.

Boone County Park Ranger Blayne Sunstrom says the trail will be cleaned up early next week at a cost of well over $1,000. He adds there have been people volunteering to help with the cleanup but the county will handle it. The trail remains open.

If you have information about this incident, contact Sunstrom at 515-230-9093 or email bsunstrom@boonecounty.iowa.gov.


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