DES MOINES, Iowa — With the rising gas prices and inflation we’ve seen it’s caused Iowans to put the brakes on driving so much. According to the firm Quote Wizard, fuel consumption is down in Iowa by 7% since last October. Iowans are now using 3.3 million gallons of gas a day. The drop in consumption amounts to 266,000 gallons fewer per day by drivers in the state.

Quote Wizard also put together gas use in other midwest states.

Regional Gasoline Consumption Per Day

  • Illinois   10.8 million                     1%
  • Missouri  7.7 million                   -5%
  • Minnesota  5.3 million               -15%
  • Nebraska  2.1 million                 -5%
  • Wisconsin  6 million                    -6%

“All of this information comes straight from United States energy information ministration and what we essentially did is we looked at how many gallons of gas in consumed of the last six months,” said Nick Ven Sant, an analyst at Quote Wizard.  “We found the gas consumption is dropped by 7% in that six months so the combination of high gas prices, and inflation occupying people’s dollars guard has really made a change in drivers.”

The results of the study were released on Monday morning.

“So this is definitely impacting every single state but it has been much more specific, much more significant specifically states like Iowa where we have seen drops at 7%,” said Ven Sant. “That might not sound like that is a lot there’s a massive reduction in driving.”

Even though Iowa’s fuel consumption is down, there are still drivers willing to top their tanks and hit the road.

“I am actually on my way back from Savannah Georgia, a high school girls’ trip so me and another friend drove down to Savannah,” said Connie Klimesh, of Ankeny. “It did not deter us we were going to do this trip no matter what.”

“To make several trips to Iowa City to the burn unit so we have to go no matter what,” said Terri Tiffany, of Grand Junction. “We have to go,  we don’t have a choice, I will have to pay the price.”