DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Meals on Wheels is still rolling to serve some 900 people everyday with a nutritious meal, even though gasoline expenses for the delivery have increased by 50% of late.  Meals on Wheels drivers use around 30 cars, to rack up a mileage total of 1,000 miles every weekday.

 “So we are fiscally sound organization and you know we are always prepared to make sure that we have contingency in place to make sure that we are always delivering these meals,” said Heather Stuyvesant, Meals on Wheels Director. “We are seeing a 50% increase on what we are planning on utilizing for the year and gas prices this year.”

And they also are dealing with increasing costs to cook the meals they send out everyday.

“The prices for our food has dramatically increase as everybody is saying so we’re definitely feeling that as well,” said Stuyvesant,  “Also our a clients you know, they are actually experiencing a lot of the same and so, being able to provide that meal makes it it’s just that much more important.”

Wesley Life has many paid drivers for Meals on Wheels, and also a number of volunteer drivers, they pay for their own gas, while delivering meals. To offset the increases Wesley Life accepts donations to help keep ahead of the increases.

“Because of the community supporting us through donations so people that I would like to make a difference and contribute to the mission they can go onto Wesley and you can make a donation,” said Stuyvesant.

The organization is also taking any additional volunteers to help deliver meals.  The organization remains confident it will continue to serve those now on it’s service list.

For those who may need meal services, they can call 515-699-3243.