Heroic Dog Saves Ogden Man From Fire

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OGDEN, Iowa -- An Ogden man says he's only alive today because of his heroic dog.

Bella is a Border Collie that loves playing with a basketball.  Now, she's also a hero.  Monday afternoon, her owner, Larry Mathews came back to his home for a nap after taking his kids to school. Minutes later, Bella was waking him up. 'I was upstairs in bed. Bella came up and started...she jumped up on the bed and kinda got in my face a little bit and woke me up," Mathews said,  "I could see the smoke. It wasn`t thick thick in the room but it was thick enough so I grabbed her and the other dog and opened up the window and came out on the roof there and started hollering."

A neighbor came out, grabbed a ladder and rescued Mathews and his dogs off the roof. Investigators believe the fire was started by an unattended candle.

Mathews isn`t really surprised Bella did what she did. He says she`s one smart pup.  "If you say ride she goes nuts, waiting by the door for a ride. If you say run outside. She knows all the basic sound commands. She`s really hyper, because she`s a Border Collie and a puppy. She loves...she`s a lap dog. I`ll say hug and she`ll put her head on your shoulder," Mathews said.

But what Bella did goes beyond smart.  And you can bet there`s a nice steak dinner in her future. "Yeah." Mathews said,  "Steak, the bone. Anything she wants."


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