Hero Captain of United Airlines Flight 232 Dies

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SEATTLE – The captain of United Airlines Flight 232, which crash-landed in Sioux City in July of 1989, has died.

KTIV reports Captain Al Haynes died Sunday in a Seattle hospital.

Haynes was hailed as a hero for his actions in the crash. He and his crew were able to navigate the plane to the Gateway Airport in Sioux City after losing control when a tail fan failed and all of the hydraulic lines were destroyed.

Emergency responders had 30 minutes to prepare before the crash landing.

Of all the passengers and crew aboard the flight, 112 people died. Because of the tremendous response by emergency crews, within 40 minutes of the crash, all of the 184 survivors had been located, triaged, and transported to hospitals for treatment.

Funeral services for Captain Haynes have not yet been released.


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