DES MOINES, Iowa — The three Iowa Democrats running in Tuesday’s primary election all want the chance to defeat the man who holds the seat: U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican from New Hartford. Obviously. But if they win–and that’s a significant challenge since Grassley has won every campaign after getting elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1959–they would serve alongside the state’s other U.S. senator, Republican Joni Ernst of Red Oak.

WHO 13 news asked the three Democrats where they could see themselves working with Ernst on an issue.

Abby Finkenauer, former U.S. Representative who lives in Cedar Rapids— “It needs to be addressed,” Finkenauer said of the need for additional funding for research into endometriosis, an often painful health condition where the tissue that normally lines a woman’s uterus instead develops outside the uterus.

“I would hope Senator Ernst would work with me on endometriosis research and funding. I mean, that’s something that I championed while I was in the house. I have it. I’m one of the one in ten women who have it.”

Mike Franken, retired U.S. Navy Admiral who lives in Sioux City— “We could be a dynamic duo,” Franken said of his potential relationship with Ernst.

“As her counterpart, I don’t look to be the junior senator from Iowa. I look to be the leading senator from the state of Iowa, as in leading the charge. I think that we can find items of mutual enhancement with health care and certainly mental health care in the state of Iowa.”

Dr. Glenn Hurst, family physician who lives in Minden– “I’m not a compromise guy. I’m not willing to lose a little and you lose a little so that nobody gets what we need,” Hurst said but sees opportunity.

“Senator Ernst and I can absolutely work together on some of these rural Iowa priorities. I think we can find consensus on health care and really make some progress.”

Grassley, who got elected to the U.S. senate in 1980, faces a Republican primary challenge from state senator Jim Carlin, of Sioux City.