AMES, Iowa –With Friday’s spring-like temperatures, some homeowners are looking for their rakes and mowers to start their 2023 lawn work.

“First, you want to make sure that there’s any excess leaves or sticks like that you want out of there so that you can let the grass breathe a little bit,” said Colen Christiansen, owner of Boersma Lawn Care.

His company works on lawn and landscaping for commercial and residential properties in the Ames area.

At the Iowa State University Horticulture Extension Aaron Steil takes questions via the website and from ISU County Extension agents all across the state.

“The big thing in spring is trying to do things that are really best done in the fall,” said Steil. “Things like seeding, or renovating a lawn, is best done in the late summer, early fall, so those dandelions and Creeping Charlie that’s best done in the fall.”

When it comes to lawn care, different people approach it differently.

“Some folks are all about that golf course look. No weeds, just a nice green carpet,” said Steil. “Other folks have no problem with things like dandelions or clover being in their lawn sometimes those two things don’t always get along. How you choose to keep your lawn is kind of up to you.”