A Winter Storm Warning is in place for all of Central Iowa on Friday into Saturday morning. Snow will begin to pick up in Central Iowa between 9 AM and noon on Friday, which, while leaving the morning commute in good shape, will lead to significant issues for the evening drivetime.

A Winter Storm Warning will go into effect across Iowa on Friday morning. The warning begins in Northern Iowa at 6 AM, Central Iowa at 9 AM and Southern Iowa at 11 AM.

Snow will start in northwest Iowa first and move south through the morning. Light snow will begin in the morning across northwestern and northern Iowa. It will continue to push south and increase in intensity through the afternoon and we’ll have about 3-5 inches on the ground by evening. The snow will continue through the evening and late night with an additional 3-5″ falling. Widespread 6-10″ with some locally higher amounts, especially in western Iowa. The snow will taper off after 1 AM.


Snow will be ongoing through the evening commute, and winds will also begin to pick up as we head past sunset. Gusts in the 20 to 25 mph range are likely, with most roads 100% covered. The snow will also be significantly heavier and wetter than the New Year’s Day snow, especially early on due to warmer temperatures. Expect slushy conditions initially and use caution while clearing walks and driveways with the extra water weight in this round of snow.

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