Showers and thunderstorms the past two days have brought heavy rainfall over much of SW Iowa and the Missouri border, as cool and wet weather retains its grip on Central Iowa’s forecast.

Late Friday night, strong thunderstorms brought severe weather and tornadoes to Kansas, with the same system then pushing heavy rain into SW Iowa during the overnight. Totals from Friday night through Saturday morning added up to:

  • 1.08″ Harlan
  • 0.79″ Atlantic
  • 0.67″ Dension
  • 0.59″ Audubon
  • 0.49″ Ames

The soggy overnight weather was added on to rain that fell Thursday and earlier Friday which in some cases pushed totals to around and over two inches in the past 48 hours.

Temperatures will remain cool through next week, with more chances for showers and storms starting Monday evening into Tuesday morning, as well as Thursday and Friday. The wet weather, combined with the persistent cool temperatures will mean many farmers will find it slow going as they try to get into the fields and get planting, which is already delayed, started.