Harvest 2020: Picking Derecho-Damaged Corn


MADRID, Iowa – Harvest time is here for the Kokemiller family. Thursday found them working in their second field of corn bent over by August’s Derecho. Kody Kokemiller spoke with us as his father and uncle picked the corn they could.

Kokemiller said they are pleased with the results so far considering the damage. They chose to harvest while the corn was a little green, before it got dry and they would lose more ears to breakage. The result is corn with higher moisture but they are leaving less in the field. They are also only able to harvest in one direction, resulting in twice as many passes and more time spent picking less corn.

Overall Kokemiller estimates this field northwest of Madrid is 30 percent short of the potential it had on the morning of August 10, before the storm hit. And while he would like to forget this year he knows they will be planting in the spring of 2021. He adds “I’d say it can’t get any worse than this but I don’t wanna say that cuz you never know.”


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