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Congressman Steve King says he is still contemplating a run for the U.S. Senate, but he won’t decide for sure for another few weeks.

Since Senator Tom Harkin announced he will retire in 2014, several political figures have thrown around the idea of running for his seat.

Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley officially announced he is running in February, shortly after, Republican Congressman Tom Latham took his name out of the running.

A Public Policy Polling survey showed King was favored as the Republican candidate to run.

On Friday, Representative King talked about all the factors he’s considering as he makes a decision whether to run.  “I’ve been very open on this.  First it’s an analytical approach.  In the analytical side we will go out across the state.  We will draw information in across all four congressional districts.  We will look at this information objectively. Then that objective look, will give us a hand in our instinctive look and that will give my campaign the view point on winning an election.”

King says it will be a few weeks before he comes to a decision.