Hamburg Will Celebrate Popcorn Day 2019 After Devastating Flood in March

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HAMBURG, Iowa-2019 has been an unforgettable year in Fremont County, Iowa. In Hamburg, floodwaters invaded here in March, and again in May. The March flood event knocked out levees in the county and left water standing over Highway 333 south of town. Access to Interstate 29 is still not available as the Iowa DOT is repairing the road.

This weekend the town will pause to celebrate the 67th annual Popcorn Day. At the Colonial Theater, Jodi Hendrickson is working to get the place ready to open on Saturday. The plan is to show the movie “Toy Story 4” to kids who come in celebrating popcorn days.

“We have a big parade, we have children’s games in the morning, we have a softball tournament, annual softball tournament, all kinds of activities from early morning until evening, and a lot of alumni come back,” said Herdickson. “I can remember on popcorn day my parents kicking me off at the theater and then this is where we the kids congregated.”

There is much yet to do before the weekend. The seats are not yet installed, the old seats were ruined in the flood. They hope to get the concession stand up and running. The non-profit theater charges $2.00 for a movie ticket, often getting movies which were recently released.

“I do have a plan A, a plan B, plan A is a course to have everything done, as you can see were not going to get that done by Friday,” said Hendrickson. “But we do have the projector working we have the screen down and we are going to get this cleaned up so at least the kids can come in.”

On Tuesday the Hesco Barriers were removed on Main Street-opening that up for the first time since March. The barrier remains in place east and west of Main.

Some residents may not be around for Popcorn Day, as over 70 homes are not habitable after the flood. Some are staying in makeshift quarters, one resident said she was going to a nearby State Park to shower.

Governor Kim Reynolds will be the Grand Marshall for the Popcorn Day Parade.
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