BOONE, Iowa — Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, held a townhall event in Boone on Monday.

Before Haley got to her townhall speech, she made clear her support for Israel.

“Don’t every let anyone tell you that Israel needs America, America has always needed Israel,” said Haley, (R) presidential candidate. “They are the frontline of defense for all the Iranians and the terrorists proxies that they have. We have to deal with this with strength and unity. The first thing we have to do is no more taxpayer money going to the Palestinians or any of the Palestinian organizations that support Hamas at the United Nations.”

Haley referenced $6 billion in Iranian assets that the Biden administration un-froze just last month. The move came to free five Americans detained in Iran. Haley said that all of those assets need to be halted, and called for heavy sanctions.

“And we need to freeze the Iranian assets, yes including the $6 billion. We need to freeze that,” said Haley. “And Biden weakened those sanctions on oil. We need to go back and put heavy sanction on oil because we had them strapped for cash and we had their economy in shambles. And now what are they doing with it? Sending it to Hamas, Sending it to Hezbollah, sending it to the Houthis and spreading terrorism around the world.”

Haley ended her remarks on Israel by saying that Americans all need to be united on our support for the country. She spoke to a crowd of close to 100 Iowans on her pitch for the Oval Office, including her thoughts on how to handle the crisis at the United States’ southern border.