WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — It didn’t take long for people in the West Des Moines area to realize they had a problem. Widespread hail caused damage to rooftops in and around the western suburb last week.

At Heartland Roofing & Siding, they knew Friday night the first step was to begin lining up crews to do a lot of roofing work. Estimators went out on Saturday to more than 70 homes in the affected area.

“Our inspectors would basically line up their day with all the leads that came in just to figure out what makes sense to get out there as efficiently as possible, so they’ll line their meetings up to go out to the property and basically just see the extent of the damage,” said Adam Olson, owner of Heartland Roofing and Siding. “From that point, we can let the homeowner know if they do have damage, and if so what kind of damage is it worth filing a claim.”

Contractors are out in force in the area around Valley West Mall. Many lawns already have signs of the contractor they have doing the roof work.

“There are areas where there is very big hail and there’s a lot going on right now,” said Olson. “But a lot of times it when it’s a little bit further out or smaller hail and those people don’t realize that they actually got some damage, from the ground it’s really hard to see.”

It’s important to get the damage repaired, even though it doesn’t look too bad.

“Hail will just come down and it’ll impact a shingle and leave a bruise and that bruise doesn’t necessarily make your roof leak immediately, but what it does over time it can basically just take the life out of the shingle.”

Adam Olson’s company is on the good list at the Better Business Bureau. He said if you are hiring a contractor, you need to make sure they are really local.

“You want to make sure they are a local company, they have a 515 area code, also, check the Better Business Bureau, check online reviews make sure they are properly insured and licensed as well,” said Olson.