Gun confiscated from student at Southeast Polk school


PLEASANT HILL, IOWA – On Wednesday morning a student at Southeast Polk High School brought a firearm to school.

The weapon was confiscated around 10:30 a.m. when the student was at the Junior High campus for classes. The Pleasant Hill Police Department said that it was a student who made officers aware of the firearm being on the school’s property.

“The high school SRO was alerted by a student there,” said Captain Amy Kramer with the Pleasant Hill Police Department. “The student was located at the Junior High because of the classes they were participating in at the time.”

The student was cooperative with authorities and was detained and charged with possession of a firearm on school property. The firearm found was a 9mm handgun. Kramer broke down the process of evaluating the threat and what officers did to respond to the situation.

“So obviously we wanted to make sure we verify if this is a true allegation or not for the safety of the staff and students,” said Kramer “So the next thing was to identify the student and see if it was a real claim or if it was a rumor-type thing. Then it went into investigating the identity of the student and then locating them.”

Police would not comment if there was a motive for the student to bring that gun on the property, as it is an ongoing investigation. The Pleasant Hill police take all threats of guns with extremely serious.

“Anytime a weapon is brought to campus it is concerning whether a student brings a weapon to just show the weapon or any other reason,” Kramer said. “I think that is always concerning for anyone so we take all those allegations or behavior seriously.”

The Southeast Polk School District put out a statement about the incident on Wednesday as well. In part the statement says:

“Thankfully, no students were harmed, and the Pleasant Hill Police Department will continue its investigation until it is complete. We are thankful for the PHPD and how they continue to keep our students and staff safe.”

The full statement is available on the Southeast Polk School District website. Police had no more details to share about the incident as the investigation continues.

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