DES MOINES, Iowa — Transportation Security Administration officers stopped a passenger from boarding an airplane with a handgun at Des Moines International Airport on Monday.

During the routine screening of carry-on luggage, TSA officers saw an image of a handgun on the X-ray screen. The firearm was unloaded and ammunition in its original box was discovered separately. The passenger, who has a permit to carry in the state of Iowa, told officers he forgot the gun was in his bag.

An officer with the Des Moines Police Department confiscated the firearm and issued a citation to the gun owner.

According to the TSA, this is the eighth firearm that has been detected at the Des Moines airport this year.

Passengers are allowed to travel with firearms as long as they are in checked baggage, are unloaded, are packed separately from ammunition in a locked hardback case, and are declared at the check-in counter.