Waukee School Board Approves New Boundaries

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WAUKEE, Iowa – Over the past year, the Waukee School District has witnessed rapid growth, and the school board will approved new attendance boundaries Monday night in order to help alleviate overcrowded classrooms.

The changes will go into effect for the 2016-2017 school year, and it will affect 597 of the district’s 9,366 students.

According to the district:

  • 128 students from Shuler Elementary, 113 from Waukee Elementary and 217 students from Walnut Hills Elementary will move to Grant Ragan Elementary, the new school slated to open next fall.
  • 88 students from Maple Grove Elementary would move to Waukee Elementary.
  • 49 students from Woodland Hills Elementary would move to Brookview Elementary.
  • 2 students from Maple Grove Elementary would move to Woodland Hills Elementary.

“Bottom line is our buildings are full because we are growing so fast,” Waukee superintended David Wilkerson said. “We had quite a bit of public feedback. It was an opportunity for parents to come in and address the issue with a committee.”

The district estimates that they have received 675 additional students in just this year alone. Wilkerson said this has led class sizes to become too big on the elementary level.  This is a trend they saw coming as it is the 7th time they have adjusted the boundaries to accommodate the growth in the last 22 years. In addition to readjusting the boundaries they are also opening a new elementary school.

“Once we know what those boundaries are, we go about the process of determining how many students we have in each grade level in each building,” said Wilkerson.  “Then we have to move staff around to meet that need. There’s a whole process that needs to take place before we can even go out and hire additional staff we need.”

The district has worked closely with the community. They formed a committee to meet with a consultant to sort out the details.  The biggest comment they received from parents is how students will handle the separation from former classmates.

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