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DES MOINES, Iowa — The question of how to curb school violence does not have a clear cut answer, but several groups in Des Moines say they need to try and find one after a teen was killed outside of East High School.

Fifteen-year-old Jose Lopez was killed in Monday’s shooting, and two other teenage girls are in the hospital after they were shot. Six teenage suspects have been arrested for the crime.

Izaah Knox’s group, Urban Dreams, helped organize a breakfast at the high school Wednesday morning to help students and staff process their trauma.

He said some students are in need of more long-term mentors to help keep them out of trouble.

“How do we equip them for the tools for positive conflict resolution, and how do we give them hope for the future?” Knox said. “How do we say if they do this, then it will lead to this and this. It will be slow and gradual and sometimes feel like you’re not making any traction, but then how do we have people in the community that are role models for them to look at and say, ‘They did it, so I can do it.'”

Meanwhile, the recently-formed group Dads on a Mission hopes to recruit fathers across the metro to work alongside Des Moines Public Schools and advise teenagers away from violence.

“We have a plan of action where if enough men get involved, we can actually affect change,” said Lance Williams of Dads on a Mission. “The idea is to be able to talk to them in a way where they want to go to school and become something, to help them realize that it was wrong to hang out outside of school all day.”