Group Aims to Unite People with Different Political Views


DES MOINES, Iowa — The volunteer group Braver Angels is a national organization aimed at unifying American with different political opinions.

The group teaches people how to navigate tough conversations about politics with relatives and friends.

“Helping to expose false stereotypes, reduce politically charred language, help people learn to listen with the goal of understanding to actually listening to what the other person is saying as opposed to rebutting to whatever they’re saying,” said Christopher Peters, state coordinator for Braver Angels.

The group offers tools to members to deal with conflict. One technique is the L.A.P. method, which stands for “Listen, Acknowledge and Pivot.” 

A member from the Ames chapter believes this method has helped his relationship with his nephew. 

“Finally you just have to dust off your shoes and then just say, ‘I love you, but let’s not talk about politics,'” said Ron McFarland.

Another member was attracted to the group because it offers a space for transparency. 

“[It] promotes dialogue, not to change people’s minds but just to have respectful discussions,” said member Dwight Schumm.

The group’s main goal is to co-exist with other people, peacefully. 

“Finding areas of common ground and understanding as opposed to just yelling to get a reaction,” said Peters.

If you would like to join a local group, click here.


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