Grimes Woman Wants Iowa’s Marijuana Law Expanded

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GRIMES, Iowa--Iowa's current medical marijuana law needs some work, that's according to a legislative committee, which was formed to look at problems with the law.

However, some Iowans want to see the law expanded to include patients suffering from more than just epilepsy.

Katie Krug of Grimes is happily married and busy raising two girls.

She also suffers from ulcerative colitis, which is similar to Crohn's disease.

“It`s very difficult. I just want to be a good mother, be a good wife and also continue to have a good productive career as well, so this disease has really taken a toll on my family and me as well,” says Krug.

The disease causes inflammation of the colon which causes ulcers to form.

Krug says she has flare-ups every couple months, which leaves her bed-ridden for a week in excruciating pain.

“A lot of times we can`t always plan activities or if we do plan something it ends up getting changed because I might not be feeling good. So we really have to plan things around how I feel,” says Krug.

Krug says she's tried everything and her next option is to have major surgery.

“I`ve failed all the medications out there currently, so having my colon removed would really be my only other option at this point so I’m looking for some other treatment options,” says Krug.

Krug recently learned cannabis oil is being used to treat patients with her disease in 23 other states. She wants the same opportunity.

“It`s very frustrating. I feel like I`m completely stuck and I don`t have any other options. I know that cannabis oil is a really promising treatment and I want the chance to be able to try that,” says Krug.

She's hoping legislators take her story into account, so she has the opportunity to spend more time with her family.

“I`m just living my life day to day just really hoping and waiting and praying that they`ll see people like me and others with chronic diseases that need another treatment option,” says Krug.

Last week a legislative committee approved a motion to begin debate on legalizing the growing, processing and dispensing of medical marijuana in Iowa.

Governor Branstad said he's worried about unintended consequences of that proposal.

His running mate, Sen. Jack Hatch, said he wants to see dispensaries in the state well as expand the law to include other diseases.


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