Grimes Couple Searching for Good Samaritan Who Reported July 4th Fire, Was Caught on Doorbell Cam

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GRIMES, Iowa — A couple from Grimes would like to thank the man who prevented their home from burning down on the Fourth of July, but they need help finding him first.

Carolyn Ware’s video doorbell captured the good Samaritan on camera at her house in Grimes, ringing the doorbell to try to alert anyone inside about the fire. Ware and her husband were gone and their neighbors were also out-of-town, but Ware did get an alert from their Ring doorbell.

“I would personally like to thank him.  I just wish I could give him a big old hug.  Of course, it’s you know, not probably proper right now, but I can’t thank him enough.  As fast as they came and as fast as the fire started, my house would have been burnt down,” said Ware.

The people who were there say the man was driving by when he noticed the Ware’s attached garage was on fire. So, he alerted first responders and stayed until sheriff’s deputies showed up to put it out. Firefighters finished the job. 

Carolyn says she is overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness, “I can’t say… I, I don’t even know. Because you know, I mean I get teared up especially when I watch the video it’s like I can’t thank him enough.  And I would love to meet him.  I really would.  I would just love to say thank you,” said Ware.

A neighbor said the man was driving a black Kia.  So, if you know who he is, please e-mail so Carolyn can pass along her appreciation.


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