GREEN THUMB: Time To Get In The Yard

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Record temperatures in March last year are a distant memory for customers at Earl May.

“It was a whole heck of a lot warmer this time last year,” said Ray Knopic, a Waukee resident.

“We were in shorts and tank tops, jumping on the trampoline,” said Pam James, a customer at Earl May.

At this time last year, people were loading up on fertilizer, potting soil, and just about anything to add some color to their yards.

Sunday, even the store’s plants are still cooped up indoors, just like the customers.

Tim Rundlett, the store manager at Earl May’s Waukee location is optimistic that Iowans will discover their green thumbs sooner rather than later.

“I’ve always looked to the Drake Relay time as the line,” said Rundlett.

Rundlett adds there is plenty that can be done now to ensure a healthy lawn.

“This is the perfect time as it dries out to get out there and rake and look for spots. See if you have some areas that need some seed,” Rundlett told Channel 13 News.

Pam James is taking that advice.

She bought fertilizer Sunday and will be back for some potted plants and vegetables.

They were a pleasant addition to her yard last year.

“Last year there were rows and rows of plants outside. It was a beautiful variety of colors,” said James.

If you want to see results in the spring, experts say it’s time to get working on the things you can do while indoors.

“Now is the prime time for starting your tomatoes, your peppers, stuff that you’ll plant out in eight weeks,” Rundlett adds.


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