DES MOINES, Iowa — We’ve found it! A reason to head inside.

Disturb” is back for a second season and the hope is, it’ll have the same effect as the first.

“The first week that we opened it was busier than we had been in months,” says owner, Nick Tillinghast. “And that just continued all the way to Halloween.”

On the surface, it’s just Good News Darling decked out for Halloween. But going deeper, there’s more. This is what they call a “pop-up concept” bar — a new trend in the industry.

“It gives people a reason to go out and try something new and different,” says head mixologist, Josh McAlexander.

And for innovative places like this, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Every six weeks or so, the bar sheds its skin; changes its theme…

“It’s not necessarily always holiday based,” Tillinghast explains. “Sometimes it’s just a funny subject that we think is cool and we think we can turn into beverage.”

McAlexander can turn just anything into cocktail gold. His newest drinks incorporate things like cheese, lettuce…and get this.

“On this current menu we have a Graziano’s sausage cocktail,” Tillinghast smiles.

Trust him, it works. And in a world where it’s hard to keep good help, the pop-up concept keeps creative stars like McAlexander happy.

“I don’t think that I could go back to a world where we just have one menu all the time,” he laughs.

This one lasts until mid-November and then Disturb gives way to “Naughty List” for Christmas.

Another reason the indoor season in Des Moines, might not be so bad.

Good News Darling is open Thursday through Saturday. It’s located at 717 Locust Street in Des Moines, right behind “Hello, Marjorie” (also owned by Tillinghast.)