Gray’s Lake Park Closes for Resurfacing

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DES MOINES, Iowa –- Gray’s Lake is closing Monday morning to repair damage caused by recent flooding.

Des Moines Parks and Recreation Marketing Supervisor Jen Fletcher said closing the park will allow crews to finish resurfacing the Kruidenier Trail, which was originally scheduled for late fall.

“Unfortunately, our team has become very adept at dealing with flooding. We know what to do when to do it and so we just work with what we’ve got. When you are in a city with two rivers and nature is unpredictable.  You just roll with what you’re dealt,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said closing the 1.9-mile trail now, will allow people to use it all summer long.

Des Moines resident Grant Dyer said he uses Gray’s Lake multiple times a week and isn’t sure where he will go now. “Probably have to walk around my neighborhood. We’ve got a little neighborhood park in the area, so probably walk around there six or eight times.”

Norwalk Resident Jami Locana said, “I don’t know. Water Works across the street I guess. When you have your routines, you have your routines and it’s definitely disruption.”

Fletcher said it is important no one goes into the park while the trail is being resurfaced.

“We are really stressing this even more so than when it is flooded. Stay out of the park. There is going to be equipment running around, they aren’t going to be looking for people to be in the park cause they aren’t supposed to be here. It’s really imperative that people stay out of the park for their own safety,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said the city of Des Moines has 63 miles of trails people can use.

Other trails in downtown Des Moines people can utilize while Gray’s Lake is closed are the Des Moines River Trail and John Pat Dorrian Trail.

Gray’s Lake will remain closed until May 31st.


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