Grassley Won’t Make Judge Kavanaugh Show Up To Hearing If Accuser Doesn’t Come, Too


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Supreme Court Justice Nominee Brett Kavanaugh speak to reporters after meeting one another on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a Republican who chairs the judicial committee, said Wednesday that he won’t make U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testify at a hearing Monday if his accuser refuses to also attend.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, a college professor in California, accused Kavanaugh of drunkenly, sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers four decades ago. Kavanaugh has denied the accusation. Blasey Ford went public with her accusation in the Washington Post last Sunday, four days before a scheduled vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination. The Senate delayed that vote in light of the accusation.

Grassley said that he understands that Blasey Ford may not want to testify publicly at a scheduled hearing next Monday about what she claims happened to her. He said that he has offered options for her:

–public hearing

–private hearing

–public staff interview

–private staff interview

Grassley said Blasey Ford hasn’t accepted any of those options. He has given her until Friday to notify his committee about her plans. Grassley said that he won’t require Kavanaugh to still attend the scheduled hearing Monday if Blasey Ford won’t be there, as well. “He wouldn’t know what charges to answer, except what he read in the Washington Post,” Grassley said, “I don’t think that we would expect him to answer what’s printed in the newspaper because it might not be…a full picture of the issue that he has to answer.”




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