GRASSLEY RESPONSE: Rethinks “Stupid” Tweet


Senator Chuck Grassley (WHO-HD)

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Senator Charles Grassley is backing off his criticism of President Barack Obama.

On Saturday, Grassley called the president “stupid” on his Twitter feed for saying that it would be unprecedented for the Supreme Court to overturn the healthcare reform law.

Grassley now says his choice of words was not “very diplomatic”.

“He made comments that shouldn`t have been made, I`m sure he knows they shouldn`t have been made. It looks like he backed off a little bit,” said Grassley.

“He said something stupid as we all say something stupid from time to time but the president is a very smart person.  That`s why he`s the president of the United States,” added Grassley.

Gov. Terry Branstad also criticized the president for his comments, but instead of stupid he used the term outlandish.


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