Graphic Labels on Cigarette Packaging

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(Photo courtesy: Associated Press)

Warning Watch: Cigarettes can be bad for you. I can’t imagine there is anyone in our country who doesn’t know that. But, yet, people still smoke. My dad is one of them. He smokes a lot. Wish he didn’t. Politicians have raised taxes. They have said it’s for people’s health, not the millions in revenue the tax increases bring. Iowa’s Governor Chet Culver successfully pushed for a $1 per pack tax increase (by the way, did you notice during the campaign how he kept saying he didn’t raise taxes? Does a cigarette tax not count as a tax?) The smoking rate has dropped in half since the 1970s? But still about 1 in 5 American adults smokes. What will it take to get to that final “1”? Health advocates have hope in a new tactic: to scare you smokeless. The idea would be to put really graphic pictures to serve a final warning to you as you get ready to buy your next pack. The pictures are gross, without a doubt. But will they work? Do you think they will stop smokers? Or is this just a waste of time, money and effort?


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