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Sheffield, Iowa — All over the Sukup company is known for its grain handling and grain storage equipment. Now, they have helped to put the first cabin in the Sheffield City Campground. A few years back Sukup began building small bins that could be erected in areas hit by hurricanes.

Now that same type of house can be used for a weekend get away.

“Two or three years ago I saw that there was a grain bin up in Northwest Iowa that had been converted into a cabin,” said Katy Flint, the Sheffield City Clerk. “It’s just of course got my wheels thinking about we have Sukup manufacturing in Sheffield, and what is more perfect to represent Sukup and Sheffield then utilizing one of their Safety Homes.”

Flint approached the Mayor and Sukup. Everyone liked the idea, so the City was able to acquire one of the Safety Homes for a discount.

“Sukup sent in a couple of their employees out to guide the process some of our city employees are out here as well, as well as the west fork FFA students,” said Flint. “The way that Sukup has designed and manufactured these homes, is that it will always be 10° cooler in the home than it is outside.”

The bin cabin is designed with windows, but it’s still recommended to bring fans along. The cabin has electricity, and restrooms and modern showers are nearby.

“Sheffield is a great community, a population of about eleven hundred,” said Flint. “We have a golf course, downtown we have a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a flower shop.

To reserve a night or two in the grain bin cabin, call City Hall at (641) 892-4718. It costs $35 a night, on weekends it’s a minimum of two nights. There is electricity, and modern restrooms and showers are nearby. No pets and no smoking.