Governor, Fix Our Post Office! Comments on a 99 County Tour

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SIBLEY, Iowa -- Governor Terry Branstad, and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds talk to many people about many subjects while on their 99 county tour.

Last week in Sibley, Iowa was no exception. The Governor addressed the hot topic of avian influenza, which hit a farm in Osceola County. He told them he and his staff are monitoring the situation to do everything possible to stop the spread of that.

A number of topics came up, including one that had nothing to do with state government.

Arlene Kuehl is the retired Osceola County Recorder, she had one simple request of the Governor: "Fix our U.S. Post Office parking lot."

"Our Governor is the owner of our local Post Office, and we've had a kind of continuing problem with several potholes there," Kuehl said. "Everybody always comments make sure your seat belts on, and hang on to your teeth if you go to the drop off box."

The Governor and the audience took the unexpected request with a little humor.

"We've painted the flag pole there," responded the Governor to some laughter. "We've done some patching, I understand we have some issues with the parking lot, I'll take a look at that," Branstad said. "That's an expensive project, by the way," the Governor added.

Kuehl jokingly offered the Governor a sheriff escort by the building if he wanted to take a look.

Kuehl said of the Governor's appearance in Sibley, "Rotary is involved here, and I'm a Rotary member, so I am here to support the Governor and add to some questions asked," Kuehl said. Of the Post Office parking lot, Keuhl said "its in pretty poor shape, it needs some TLC."

As to the building itself, she has no problem.

"The building is in good shape," Kuehl said. "We have a very nice post office and it serves our community well."

Charles Bechtold  wanted to thank the Governor for the gas tax increase. He serves Osceola County as the County Engineer.

"Our bridges are in good shape in this county, but our roads are in bad shape," Bechtold said. "That ten cent sales tax is a huge boost, not only for our economy, but for our road conditions as well."

Branstad said that it was good to hear people appreciated that.

"Last time we did it was in 1988," the Governor said. "I was Governor then too, it wasn't easy then either."

During this meeting the Governor was also thanked for his support of the Lewis and Clark Regional Water System. He was also thanked for the Home Base Iowa program, to recruit veterans to the state. He was told of some veterans from Minnesota who moved their firearm business to Sibley, in part due to the Home Base Iowa initiative.


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