Governor Branstad Says There is ‘No Chance’ For Special Session on School Funding

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DES MOINES, Iowa – After taking flack for his veto of $56 million in school funding, Governor Branstad says there is no chance for a special session.

Instead, he says school officials need to stop complaining and begin cutting.

“They need to look at ways that they can be more efficient and deliver better,” Branstad said Monday. “I would also point out that the cost of fuel has gone down. They need to look at everything that helps economize and make it more efficient in delivering services.”

Branstad also said he’s confident schools will be able to find enough savings to offset the money he vetoed without laying off teachers in the process or forcing local property tax increases.

The governor added that the veto was only about budgeting practices, and he didn’t cut the money in an effect to force school districts to ultimately cut teachers.


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