Governor Branstad Releases Details for Cyber Security Strategy

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DES MOINES, Iowa — In 2015, Governor Branstad issued an executive order directing all state agencies to work together to develop a cyber security strategy. Monday, the governor released details of that completed strategy.

The review process by departments in the executive branch of state government didn’t find any glaring problems with cyber security. The chief need for the state is training, training and more training.

The top risk to the state’s cyber security comes from typical employees making simple mistakes that could snowball. That starts with something as simple as opening a corrupt email attachment or improperly saving or sharing confidential information.

The cyber security plan calls for more training for employees and especially for law enforcement who must investigate cyber attacks.

“this thing is a rapidly changing environment and the present law enforcement agents didn’t get training in cyber security when they went through the law enforcement academy,” Branstad said. “but it’s become a much bigger issue in recent years. That’s the reason we think we need to upgrade the training.”

Governor Branstad says his office doesn’t believe that legislation is needed to enact the plan but they are reviewing that option.


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