WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Gov. Adam Gregg have their eyes on retaining Iowa’s top seats, and the two expressed their optimism while opening their campaign office Saturday afternoon.

About a hundred supporters came to the campaign base in West Des Moines to hear Reynolds and Gregg’s thoughts on Iowa and the country.

“The sun is out, and it starts with Republican leadership, common sense, and a party that gets things done,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds and Gregg are running unopposed for the Republican nominations on this year’s gubernatorial ballot. They will likely face Diedre DeJear in November; the former Secretary of State candidate is similarly running unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

Education stood out as a focal point at the banquet, as signs proclaiming “Parents Matter” hung in tandem with Reynolds and Gregg’s campaign sign.

“I believe parents are being cut out of their child’s education,” Reynolds said when explaining the meaning of the slogan.

While education took center stage on Saturday, Reynolds believes the most important issue of the gubernatorial race will be the economy.

“It impacts everybody,” Reynolds said. “The supply chain, grocery prices, cost at the pump…it has a daily impact on people. Even as they’re seeing wages rise, it’s not overcoming the increases in inflation.”