MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — At the Iowa Veterans Cemetery Governor Kim Reynolds introduced her appointment for the Iowa Veterans Home Commandant. Todd Jacobus served 33 years in the Army, Army Reserve, and Iowa National Guard. His new position oversees not just the Veterans Home, but the Iowa Veterans Cemetery and the Iowa Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

“It’s been a great career it’s really one of the nicest things. From my perspective I’m retired and I’m able to continue service in this way,” said Jacobus. “My first day on the job was Monday and I spent the entire day at the capital processing talking with people and getting to know people. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday here at the Iowa Veterans Home meeting staff, getting updates from bureau chiefs, learning the function of the Iowa Veterans Home and really how to organize and how it supports Iowa veterans.”

Jacobus also spent time at the Iowa Veterans Cemetery and at the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs.

“What we want to do is provide the very best services that our nation owes them. And the services and support that are out there on behalf of the federal government and nonprofits is massive,” said Jacobus. “I want to help veterans connect with those opportunities.”

In his first official appearance at the Iowa Veteran’s Home Jacobus introduced a friend as the keynote speaker. Carol Whitmore served 37 years as a nurse before she retired from the Army.  She was also the first woman to serve as the Iowa VFW Commander. Whitmore was elected to leadership of the National VFW and its over 1 million members. She will assume head leadership over that organization in 2025.