Good Samaritan Saves Dog from Certain Death After Finding Him in a Dumpster

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Jesus Balderas was checking on his brother’s bike at a bike shop near 6th Avenue and Forest when he heard a yelp from a dumpster. Someone had abandoned a dog in the trash.

“I went to go reach him and grab him and he kind of nipped at me, you know he was scared, so I was like, ‘let me go get a pair of gloves and see him and check him out’. You could see his spine. It was kind of sad, what kind of person would do this to this poor little dog? It’s just pitiful” said Balderas.

The chihuahua had been left to die alone, caged in the trash. The ARL believes the impact of being dropped popped the crate open and allowed the dog to climb to the top of the garbage pile. He only weighed four and a half pounds had zero body fat, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, and intestinal parasites.

“It really pulls at our hearts, especially in this. We’re here for the animals and when we see something like this there’s just a ton of questions we have, and what the public is probably thinking too is why? I mean, why was this an option?” said Josh Colvin of the ARL.

But that’s where the sad part of the story stops and the good part picks up.

“Oscar is a wonderful dog, he is so sweet, he’s doing better, he’s putting the weight on, and he still needs some more baths because you know he has some discoloration on his fur, but he’s in great spirits” said Colvin.

Oscar needs to put on some more weight before he’s ready to be adopted. His rescuer says he wishes it could be him, but someone else will have to step up.

“I wanted to adopt it myself but right now I’m really in a bit of trouble with money. For someone out there, I hope you do save this dog and put it into a good family” said Balderas.

The ARL has started an investigation into the case.

They are also asking anyone with information to call 515-208-9248. You can remain anonymous if you have a tip.

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