Iowa Golfers Take Advantage of the Nice Weather

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DES MOINES, Iowa — “I think this is our third day this year,” said Ely Brewer, a local golfer who has been taking advantage of the nice weather. “It feels great. Last year we played in each month, and that’s kind of a yard stick that people in Iowa use. Golfers played each month, good year.”

There is nothing like the sound of a golf club connecting with the ball. It’s a sweet sound and sight, and there was plenty of that going on today at Blank Golf Course in Des Moines. But, that’s not to say there weren’t challenging conditions.

“If you played Friday, the ball bounced probably straight up in the air, sky high, went over the green,” said Chris Tillinghast, director of golf at Blank Golf Course. “If you`re playing today, it’s sticking right where you hit it. So, you know, just the course conditions, hitting into the greens, it’s a challenge for the golfers as they get out there and play.”

Willis Gaer plays on the golf team at Eastern Kentucky University. Gaer, who graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2017, is home on school vacation and wasn’t expecting to be able to get out and swing the club.

“No, not really at all,” said Gaer. “My coach was actually trying to get me to. He was leaning towards getting me to come back a little early because he didn’t think I’d be able to do anything here. And we were in Arizona last week, so that was good, just my family and I. It’s not too much colder than it was in Arizona a week ago, here, which is kind of surprising.”

And while course conditions aren’t perfect, when you are able to hit the links this early on in the year, life is good.

“I mean any sort of golf in December or January in Iowa is always pretty good,” said Gaer. “So, nothing to complain about there.”


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