Goldies Celebrating Leap Day with Frog Legs


PRAIRIE CITY, Iowa — This Saturday is Leap Day, a day designed to adjust to the rotation of the earth. In honor of this day Goldies Ice Cream here is offering up something to mark the day: Frog Legs.

This is something the restaurant leaped into a few years back, in another leap year.

“The whole frog legs tradition started, we had a smart-aleck back 12 years ago that…that we should serve frog legs for leap year,” said Brad Magg, Goldies Owner. “I think we had 20 or 30 servings we sold those out in the first hour.”

Magg sent his Mom into Des Moines to find more frog legs. This year they have ordered from a wholesale vendor.

We did it again last leap year and we sold about 70 servings of frog legs in one day,” said Magg “I’ve never cooked frog legs before so it was a shot in the dark.”

The legs come in servings of four. They are cut up, breaded, and fried until they reach a certain temperature, then served. They are prepared and eaten as you would chicken.

“Because of the popularity last couple times we thought we’d extend it so that way people can have them we’re doing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year,” said Magg


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