Winterset High School Golden Apple Recipient Puts Her Heart Into Every Lesson

Golden Apple
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WINTERSET, Iowa  —  One high school teacher’s classes are anything but an easy A, but that doesn’t turn students away.

“I don’t like to do anything the same so I’m always changing what I’m doing,” Golden Apple Recipient and Winterset High School Science Teacher Annette Purdy said.

If Mrs. Purdy’s heart is not in a lesson, her students won’t be either.

Mrs. Purdy understands students all have different methods of learning.

“She has you up, she has you moving around, doing different projects like building cell models and doing labs,” Winterset High School Senior Carli Clifton said.

“The way she says things, instead of having it more instructional, this is the what you’re learning, it’s more…. She kind of like slides it into your brain a little bit and it kind of sticks really nice and I think that’s why a lot of people are so successful in her class,” Winterset High School Senior Nathan Pomeroy said.

Mrs. Purdy said success comes with passion, which she tries to instill in her students, but she doesn’t do it alone.

“I love bringing in other professionals and going to them because I know that I can’t teach them everything and it’s good to give them other perspectives, some other ideas and just some other enthusiasm,” Mrs. Purdy said.

“There are so many different ways that kids learn, and you can sit and you can read but until you actually get out there and see it for yourself sometimes it just doesn’t sink in,” Madison County Conservation Board Naturalist Amy Warnke said.

She lets the Earth do the teaching.

“We were actually allowed to do an entire experiment at our outdoor classroom, so we worked with the conservation board all through first term, we did this huge experiment with the raised garden beds on cover crops so that was like the biggest thing that I have ever done,” Winterset High School Senior Kacie Cowman said.

Mrs. Purdy’s students, both new and old, filled her classroom to help honor their favorite teacher.

“I love coming every day and some days are harder than others, but I get into the classroom and the students are like hey Mrs. Purdy what are we doing today and I’m just like yeah let’s go, let’s get after it and that makes it fun for me too,” Mrs. Purdy said.

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