Waukee High School Teacher Awarded Golden Apple

Golden Apple
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WAUKEE, Iowa — What is known as one of the hardest classes at Waukee High School, is one where its teacher keeps students coming back for more. “There are days I purposely leave the house 20 minutes early just to go in and say hi to her,” says senior student Kenzie Kroll. Kroll’s former teacher, Alyson Bechtum teaches AP Chemistry. Bechtum likes a challenge and wants her students to embrace the college credit course too. “The kids are so vulnerable when they are challenged like that but when they meet that big challenge they get so excited,” she smiles. Bechtum is well aware her class isn’t easy but stresses the importance that failure is okay and should be used as motivation. “I feel like a coach more than a teacher in the classroom because I’m just encouraging them to dive deep and push through that uncomfortable part of learning,” Bechtum explains. Despite a challenging course load, Bechtum hopes it will build up her students’ confidence. “If there is anything you learn from this it’s learning to self-talk positively and say ‘hey I can do this.’ Today didn`t go great but what can I do next,” she says. Bechtum has taught at Waukee High School for seven years.

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