Teacher at Iowa’s Smallest School District Recognized with Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple
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DIAGONAL , Iowa — The population of Diagonal is small but the people who live there aren’t lacking in heart. It’s school sits in the heart of town, a building with quite the history, built in 1914. The teachers who work there are part of its legacy.

“Diagonal is so small. We have a family aspect here and that makes it really special. In bigger schools I wouldn`t know all my kids like I know them here. I know most their parents, they know me, my kids, my family,” says science teacher, Taylor Bentley.

Bentley takes her school family, literally. She works alongside her sister and mother – in – law and built her home right across the street from the school.

“I’m not against students calling me if they need me or need some extra help after school. I’m easily accessible,” she laughs. “Sometimes they just need a little boost other times they just need someone to listen.”

Sophomore, Skyler Stamps, is one of Bentley’s students. He says Bentley is more than just a teacher but  someone he describes as having “heart to heart” relationship with students.

“What matters these days is for kids to connect on a personal level and have that experience with a teacher. They want to be engaged with a teacher like that.”

Stamps nominated Bentley for the Golden Apple Award. The award is testament to her dedication as a teacher.

“I wouldn’t have started anywhere else. I’m not going to go anywhere else,”Bentley told the student body after accepting the award.


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