Middle School Science Teacher Wins Golden Apple Award for Combining Education and Entertainment

Golden Apple
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PELLA, Iowa  — In a time where kids are always entertained and given immediate feedback with technology, some teachers may find it hard to keep their students engaged, but not Mr. Bob Boots. “Some people call it the Bob Boots show, he mixes a combination of entertainment and education together,” Pella Middle School Principal Josh Manning said. “The day would start out with some type of hands-on activity, having the kids moving around, exploring, learning a concept that they would have to know outside of the building,” Bob Boots said. Boots has been teaching at Pella Middle School for 31 years. “To me you’ve got to get them in there, doing it, and then they take more ownership of the learning,” Boots said. 8th grader and student council president Tess Hopkins, as well as two of her peers, wrote the Golden Apple nomination letter. “One of the biggest things that separates him from other teachers is his combination of fun and seriousness. Some teachers are super nice, and some are really strict, Mr. Boots is a perfect balance, and we learn a lot in his class. Occasionally he shares his passion for Barbara Streisand and Alabama Softball, he is very passionate about these things which makes him a spontaneous teacher but also encouraging kids to learn,” Hopkins wrote in the letter. Jackson Van Kley, another 8th Grade Nominator said, “I like how he finds a way to teach to everybody and he makes learning enjoyable and that everybody looks forward to his class because of it.” Boots said he was surprised to be given the award. “I was because in education there’s not a lot of accolades like this and that’s not why I ever went into this or stayed this long as I get further into my career… how am I going to get recognized? I don’t even think about those things,” Boots said. “I hope that the kids have a sense that when they’re with me I’m somebody that is appreciating who they are.”

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