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WAVERLY, Iowa  —  A multi-day search came to an end in Waverly, with police finally able to nab a wild suspect.

After four days of searching, they were able to capture a goat that escaped the Waverly Sales barn. The animal’s adventure gained attention on social media as residents posted pictures and video as it made its way around town. Police received around thirty 9-1-1 calls, with sightings near libraries, backyards, and playgrounds.

But while the goat had fun, police found it to be a problem.

“We chase a lot of animals around, but never a goat,” said one officer. “There were moments when it was running down Bremer Avenue, stopping traffic, backing traffic up, that sort of thing.”

The goat–named Rebel by the Waverly Newspaper–was eventually caught at the Wartburg football stadium and is once again up for sale at the barn.