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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Typing is a necessary skill in today’s digital age, but if it were not for donations like those coming in on Giving Tuesday to Urban Dreams, a Des Moines human service organization, Jallisa Hill may not be job-ready.

“Very thankful for it, very humble experience. I didn’t know how to type before. I taught myself how to type here,” she said.

Jalissa, among others, entered Urban Dreams’ 10-month job training program, which partners with local businesses like Wells Fargo and Broadlawns, helping urban communities find work. It’s a boost Dennis Henderson, who works with Broadlawns, believes can make all the difference.

“They are homeless now but just a job away or an opportunity away from being off the streets,” he said, adding, “that allows them to get a career instead of just a job, and it changes people’s lives forever.”

Urban Dreams Executive Director Izaah Knox says that change can continue to grow from pocket change, thanks to a new partnership with Softgiving.

“Softgiving is an organization that was actually started in Des Moines, and when you give to an organization, all the change from your debit card or your credit card automatically just rounds up to the nearest dollar.”

While Softgiving requires your bank account information to begin donating, it touts bank-level security for users and you can limit how often you give. Knox said, “You can easily set a limit, and it just easily rounds your change up to the nearest dollar and then donates to the organization.”

Giving local helped Urban Dreams see Jallisa’s growth firsthand.

“She just has grown leaps and bounds by going through this 10-month program that we have. She has impressed us so much that we are hiring her,” said Knox.

Now, with a full-time job as office manager, Jallisa looks forward to seeing the donations that helped her now help others.

“To feed the homeless outside and get hats on them, clothes on them, scarves, mittens, stuff they can’t afford to buy for themselves.”

To donate your change to Urban Dreams, click here.