GILBERT, Iowa — There was a school assembly at Gilbert High School on Thursday morning. The purpose of the gathering was to honor the Gilbert Shop Class, for building a She Shed for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

What the students did not know during construction, they learned today, is that the shed was built for one of their own classmates.

Seventeen year old Amy Dunn, a junior at the school has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and had been told she had just weeks to live.  Her most recent diagnosis, is that she will make a full recovery.

“You’re doing this for somebody who’s gone through something that we can’t imagine with treatment with the brain  tumor and everything life changing,” said Danny Jones, the Shop Teacher at Gilbert. He said his class members learned a lot during the construction, and they did work hard make this a project they would be proud of. 

“We’re working hard you know every day was 100% even days you wanted to goof off,” said shop student Alex Ruba. “Everyone wanted to work hard because its going to a person, it’s someone’s wish.

The She Shed was revealed to Amy in front of the student body, just outside of the High School. Amy became very emotional when she first saw the shed.

“I never thought that it would be that amazing,” said Amy. “It just it looked a whole lot different than what I had in mind, and I just loved it and I thought that like it was just amazing how much these people have put in to making my wish come true.”

“I received Amy’s wish last summer and I got connected with the Ames homebuilders Association,” said Elizabeth Watson, of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “I worked especially with Stacy and Joe there and they had to figure out who is going to build the shed and where we were going to get all the materials from.”